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Welcome to our website. We are a Health Care Sector UNISON branch with around 1200 members of whom approximately 800 are employed by Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust.  Our other members are employed by a wide range of community health care employers across Manchester including Independent Hospitals, Nursing Homes and GP Practices.  From January 2015 we have welcomed (back) into our branch members employed by Health Education England, NHS England, Public Health England and the Manchester CCGs.  Many of these members used to be in our branch – employed by NHS Manchester or the Strategic Health Authority or the Manchester and Merseyside Deaneries.  We’re pleased to have them back with us.

We hope that you find this web site both helpful and of interest.  We wish to provide information about the branch and how to access help when you need to, as well as having links to UNISON’s National and Regional Websites, and to organisations campaigning about the NHS and other issues.

In addition we hope to keep you up to date with activities and priorities of the branch.   We see this branch as an active, campaigning UNISON branch and hope to provide you with details of upcoming events we will be attending as well as reports, links and photographs as we develop this website.

There is a contact form available for you to contact the website administrators.  There are further contact details of branch officers and stewards under the ‘Branch Activists’ tab.


Branch AGM 2017

The Branch AGM in 2017 will be held on Friday 24th March, at the Mechanics Institute, Princess Street, Manchester.  There will be a buffet from 5.30pm; the meeting will start at 6.15pm.  This will be followed by a Social (from about 7.30pm) - to give all members the chance to celebrate the Branch’s achievements, and to look forward to the new branch which will be formed in July 2017.  The Social features the band That Brother Thing, with Ben Jackson (Branch Secretary) on drums!

AGM 2017 letter

AGM 2017 reminder notice

AGM Nomination Form 2017

Write to your GP in Manchester

If your GP practice is in Manchester (even if you are not a Manchester resident) please write to them asking if they know about the proposed service closures, what they think the impact will be on their patients, and whether they will join the campaign to try to keep these services open.  You can urge them to raise their concerns with the CCGs and the LMC in Manchester.  There is a model letter to send to GPs, but please feel free to edit this.

The Branch has written to all GPs in Manchester and will publish their replies as soon as possible.

Write to Manchester councillors and candidates for election 5th May 2016

The campaign has produced model letters for you to send to find out what councillors and candidates will do to fight for better mental health services and against the proposed closures.  Feel free to adapt these letters.

There are two letters: one for current councillors and one for candidates.  If you are a Manchester resident, please use these letters to question sitting and prospective councillors about what they are prepared to do to fight for mental health services.

The list of all candidates is on the Manchester City Council website:  http://www.manchester.gov.uk/downloads/download/6440/list_of_candidates_standing_in_5_may_2016_local_election_statements_of_person_nominated

The Branch has written to all councillors and to candidates in the main parties to ask for their views about the proposed service closures, and what they will do to help the campaign.