Health & Safety Warning


h&s_warningIf you don’t fill out a Datix report following an injury at work you risk further damaging your health. Your injury may not be accepted as an industrial injury, no attempts may be made to look at why the incident occurred and how to stop it happening again.

If no evidence exists that it’s a work injury you may be unable to claim temporary injury allowance or seek compensation. You may have no proof that your absence from work is anything other than sickness absence.

Datix is time consuming to complete. Some may say this is deliberate – to discourage you from doing it so the employer has fewer incidents to deal with. No incident is too small to be recorded. Do not be bullied into not reporting incidents.

Remember: a small incident today may become a bigger problem by tomorrow (eg, back/skeletal  injuries).

If you haven’t filled in a Datix before you go home you may not be able to get to work tomorrow to do it.

Our health is important – don’t let them get away with this.