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Welcome to our website. We are a Health Care Sector UNISON branch with around 1200 members of whom approximately 800 are employed by Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust.  Our other members are employed by a wide range of community health care employers across Manchester including Independent Hospitals, Nursing Homes and GP Practices.  From January 2015 we have welcomed (back) into our branch members employed by Health Education England, NHS England, Public Health England and the Manchester CCGs.  Many of these members used to be in our branch – employed by NHS Manchester or the Strategic Health Authority or the Manchester and Merseyside Deaneries.  We’re pleased to have them back with us.

We hope that you find this web site both helpful and of interest.  We wish to provide information about the branch and how to access help when you need to, as well as having links to UNISON’s National and Regional Websites, and to organisations campaigning about the NHS and other issues.

In addition we hope to keep you up to date with activities and priorities of the branch.   We see this branch as an active, campaigning UNISON branch and hope to provide you with details of upcoming events we will be attending as well as reports, links and photographs as we develop this website.

There is a contact form available for you to contact the website administrators.  There are further contact details of branch officers and stewards under the ‘Branch Activists’ tab.


Consultation on proposed cuts to 8 services

Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust and Manchester CCGs were told by the Health Scrutiny Committee to conduct a public consultation into the proposed closure of 8 frontline mental health services, plus the community rehabitation service in Crumpsall.  The rehab service is really separate from the other services, because it is closing as a result of the decision by Creative Support (who provide some of the staff) to withdraw from the service – the few remaining residents will be rehoused, and the MMHSCT staff will be redeployed.  So the consultation, and the financial figures, should really just be about the 9 frontline services.

Inadeqate consultation

The consultation paper which has recently been produced does not actually consult on the proposed closures themselves – it asks people to comment on a limited range of questions, such as any other ideas for making savings (cuts) and how a paltry £200,000 might be reinvested as a minimal alternative to the 8 services.  Respondents are asked to ‘vote’ for one or other of the services if they want them to be retained.  The branch strongly objects to this – this is about crucial services for people with mental health problems, it is not a beauty contest.

Branch response

The branch is preparing a response to the consultation, together with members in the affected services.  We will post a draft on this website as soon as possible.  Contact us if you want to respond to the consultation and would like to discuss this with us: email c.bedale@btinternet.com

Stop cuts to mental health services

Campaign leaflet about the proposed cuts to 8 frontline mental health services, and what the branch is doing to fight these cuts.  Click here for the leaflet: Stop cuts to frontline mh services nov 2015

Sign the online petition

If you would like to sign our branch petition against cuts in mental health services, jobs and staff online, please click on this link: https://www.change.org/p/manchester-mental-health-and-social-care-trust-manchester-deserves-better-mental-health-services-there-must-be-no-cuts-in-services-jobs-or-staff?recruiter=45408890&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink