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Welcome to our website. We are a Health Care Sector UNISON branch with around 1200 members of whom approximately 800 are employed by Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust.  Our other members are employed by a wide range of community health care employers across Manchester including Independent Hospitals, Nursing Homes and GP Practices.  From January 2015 we have welcomed (back) into our branch members employed by Health Education England, NHS England, Public Health England and the Manchester CCGs.  Many of these members used to be in our branch – employed by NHS Manchester or the Strategic Health Authority or the Manchester and Merseyside Deaneries.  We’re pleased to have them back with us.

We hope that you find this web site both helpful and of interest.  We wish to provide information about the branch and how to access help when you need to, as well as having links to UNISON’s National and Regional Websites, and to organisations campaigning about the NHS and other issues.

In addition we hope to keep you up to date with activities and priorities of the branch.   We see this branch as an active, campaigning UNISON branch and hope to provide you with details of upcoming events we will be attending as well as reports, links and photographs as we develop this website.

There is a contact form available for you to contact the website administrators.  There are further contact details of branch officers and stewards under the ‘Branch Activists’ tab.


Unison Call For Changes to Hospital Whistle Blowing Laws

This branch supports unison’s call for a change in whistleblowing laws.  The current laws are too narrow and not fit for purpose.

Our employer is currently using their whistle Blowing policy to look at concerns raised by individual and groups of staff (including many Unison Members) but the laws are they are and employers policies do not stand up to true whistleblowing and can make it more difficult rather than easier for staff to have concerns answered.

Members of the branch executive have recently had training about the Francis Report and how to ensure the Trust Executive & Managers are compliant with their responsibilities to care.  The whistleblowing policy is just one part of this.

Look out for a UNISON Survey for members and non-members – Being sent to you and delivered to your work areas soon!

We will be shortly sending surveys to members within the Mental Health Trust to find a snap shot of how they are currently find their working practices and pressures within their roles.

UNISON calls for change to hospital whistleblowing laws

UNISON, the UK’s largest union, has called for a change to whistleblowing laws in the NHS to make sure that all staff are able to report concerns with confidence.

In a report that examines the overall lessons that should be learnt from the Francis, Berwick, Keogh and Cavendish investigations into the NHS, UNISON has made a number of key recommendations that it believes will help to change the culture in the NHS.

The union says that its recommendations will ensure that staff are engaged, valued, listened to and ultimately able to deliver better standards of patient care.

Click here to read Unison Head of Health, Christina McAnae’s opinion …

“It is essential that ALL staff in the NHS across grades and occupations, have a voice and are listened to. There is an urgent need to reassure patients that staff are confident to raise concerns and that those concerns will be dealt with.

“NHS Trust Boards should have to take account of staff views and have a designated board member responsible for these issues. Leaving it up to individual members of staff is just not good enough – it should be made easier for unions to raise issues on behalf of groups of staff and ensure they are protected from harassment and bullying.

“The best NHS organisations have robust, effective partnership working with the trade unions at the heart of their business.  That directly leads to better patient outcomes.  The Government should commit to ensuring the NHS achieves this universally and drops it ill-conceived reforms. ”

The union’s recommendations include:

A change to the whistleblowing legislation to enable groups of staff to raise the same concern and receive the same protection as though they were individuals.

To commit to safe staffing levels, including the introduction of a minimum nurse:patient ratio of 1 nurse to 4 patients.

To place greater emphasis on long-term improvements to patient care rather than a short-term approach to arbitrary cost-cutting targets.

To commission and commit to real staff and trade union engagement including looking at research and different models of how that can be achieved.

To designate a non-executive board member responsible for patient satisfaction and staff engagement.

FBU Pensions Dispute


Well donDSC_2615e to the FBU for continuing their fight against government attacks to reduce their pension and increase their working age.

Please visit the FBU website for further information on the dispute and to support their petition to the Government.  http://www.fbu.org.uk/




Caroline visited fire fighters at the Withingon Station on their picket line on 1st November.  Look out for further action and visit your local station.

FBU Picket Line 1 Nov 2013


Contact the branch if you would like a branch executive member to attend with you or would like to take the branch banner.

Save Probation Service


Probation: keep it public and local

Probation works


Please click on more symbol for a letter to your MP.  Please feel free to add your own comments for further impact.  Use Unison link on for further information.


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House of Commons







Keep Probation Public – Keep Probation Local

I live in your constituency. I am writing to express my fears over the Government’s plans for the future of the Probation Service, as set out in its strategy paper ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’.

The Government wants to split the Probation Service into a small national probation agency and 21 government-owned companies; sell off the companies to the private sector; pay for the contracts via an untried payment by results model; abolish the existing 35 local Probation Trusts and prevent the Trusts from competing with the private sector to run the services they have run for the last 105 years.

Probation is a local service and gains its strength from its links with local authorities, police forces and the community and voluntary sector. The Government wants to break apart these successful local partnerships and replace them with a top-down bureaucratic national commissioning model. The Justice Secretary has prohibited Probation Trusts from bidding to run the very work that my colleagues and I currently provide!

I am pleased that the Government’s Offender Rehabilitation Bill was amended in the House of Lords to require the Justice Secretary to bring his plans for Probation before both Houses of Parliament for ratification. I hope that you will support this amendment when the Bill comes to the Commons this month.

UNISON is campaigning to oppose the Government’s plans and to promote an alternative reform agenda for Probation based on funding local authorities and/or police and crime commissioners to commission local solutions to offending and rehabilitation. You can read more about UNISON’s campaign at: http://www.unison.org.uk/at-work/police-and-justice-staff/key-issues/probation-keep-it-public-and-local/home

I would be grateful if you could

  1. Put our concerns to the Secretary of State for Justice.
  2. Call for proper Parliamentary scrutiny of the Government’s plans for Probation, when the Offender Rehabilitation Bill comes to the Commons for vote later this month.
  3. Call upon the Secretary of State, Chris Graylings, to ensure the investigation, which he called for, into overcharging will be actioned without delay

Yours sincerely