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Welcome to our website. We are a Health Care Sector UNISON branch with around 1200 members of whom approximately 800 are employed by Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust.  Our other members are employed by a wide range of community health care employers across Manchester including Independent Hospitals, Nursing Homes and GP Practices.  From January 2015 we have welcomed (back) into our branch members employed by Health Education England, NHS England, Public Health England and the Manchester CCGs.  Many of these members used to be in our branch – employed by NHS Manchester or the Strategic Health Authority or the Manchester and Merseyside Deaneries.  We’re pleased to have them back with us.

We hope that you find this web site both helpful and of interest.  We wish to provide information about the branch and how to access help when you need to, as well as having links to UNISON’s National and Regional Websites, and to organisations campaigning about the NHS and other issues.

In addition we hope to keep you up to date with activities and priorities of the branch.   We see this branch as an active, campaigning UNISON branch and hope to provide you with details of upcoming events we will be attending as well as reports, links and photographs as we develop this website.

There is a contact form available for you to contact the website administrators.  There are further contact details of branch officers and stewards under the ‘Branch Activists’ tab.


Branch Support Cross Union Anti-Fascist Demo

No to fascism!  

United demonstration in Liverpool


Following attacks at Unite’s office in Liverpool and of PCS activists Unite the Union called a demonstration in Liverpool on Saturday 12th October 2013.  Just 2 weeks after the magnificent demonstration in Manchester in support of the NHS; the trade union movement again pulled together to show that it is also united to fight the threat of the far right.  Unison members again made up a large contingent on the day.
A clear theme of the demonstration and the rally which followed was the MEP elections due to take place in 2014 and the importance of ousting Nick Griffin as one of the North West’s members of the European Parliament.  He does not represent us!
It is a central aim of Trade Unions to fight racism and fascism and build unity and acceptance in our society.  It was good to see cross union unity to fight the enemies of the EDL, BNP, North West Infadels and other fascist organisations.
Another key theme of the rally was the decision of Tommy Robinson to move from the EDL to the Quilliam Organisation.  We should see this as a victory for all the activists, including those from this branch who have supported the fight against the EDL and Unite Against Fascisms fight against the EDL.
The last UAF rally attended by the branch showed that the EDL were losing their position as a street army, being forced to hold the demonstration in Farnworth park well away from the public they hope to influence.  They are without doubt demoralised.
One highlight but definite warning that we need to stay on guard was the Greek speaker who described their anti-fascists movement’s role in the arrest and imprisonment of Golden Dawn members who had recently murdered a prominent rapper.
We must remain strong in the our aims for unity and continue to fight racism, facism and discrimination whenever it surfaces.
To find out more about how to become involved in a Self Organised Group or as an Equalities Officer please contact Caroline – caroline.ridgway1@mhsc.nhs.uk or 07748 960950


Enduring Values for the NHS

We need to save our NHS, and the March outside the Tory Party Conference on the 29th September is a vital demonstration to show that this country is against the privatised, dismantled, profit making NHS that is being built by the current goverment.



March on Tory Party Conference – Save the NHS

Save the NHS!29 Sep Manchester 2

60,000 strong demonstration in Manchester tells the Tories they are not welcome in our city!

As workers within the NHS we are aware that privatisation and cuts in the NHS are driving down quality and services. After today’s demonstration in Manchester the Tories will have got the message just how much ordinary people care about the NHS and the Welfare State.  Despite the problems that we face, support for the NHS is still very high and the public are aware of the importance of the care and services provided and that the privatisation of the NHS will ultimately lead to the end of free at the point of service health care.

Frances O’Grady, TUC general secretary, said: “Austerity is having a devastating effect on our communities and services, with 21,000 NHS jobs lost over the last three months alone.

29 Sep Manchester 5

Prentis tells crowd government is privatising the NHS

“Let’s call a spade a spade: this is privatisation, pure and simple”. That was how Dave Prentis described what the government is doing to the National Health Service when he spoke at the rally to save the NHS in Manchester today.

With the Conservative Party starting its annual conference near by, UNISON’s general secretary said that it had come to power, “promising ‘no more top-down reorganisations’, with Prime Minister David Cameron personally assuring the electorate: ‘I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS’.

“What did we get?” he asked, and cited the losses to frontline staff that the health service is now facing, with over 5,000 nurses’ posts alone having gone.

“It’s a race to the bottom. Companies offering up savings they can only meet by slashing the workforce and driving down quality.

No to Austerity!

The demonstration, nearly 1 mile long, included trade unionists, NHS Campaign Groups, individuals and supporters of other campaigns.  The emphasis of the demonstration was the government cuts to the NHS but all other austerity.  This government is continuing to force the people of this country to pay the price for reckless gambling by bankers.

It was great to see members of the branch out on the streets marching for our NHS but the fight needs to continue back at work where the real cost of NHS cuts is staff reporting high levels of stress, unmanageable case loads, short staffing, changes to their working hours and an over-reliance on agency staff.

Our jobs are becoming more difficult, and more unsafe and at the same time our standard of living is going down.

Today we marched together but this is not the end of our fight for the NHS or for decent wages and the right to be able to deliver high standards of care.

We must continue to fight until we get rid of this conservative government and we must back workers struggles but most of all the Unions need to come together and strike together to reverse the cuts and to ensure our NHS and Welfare State is not lost for ever.