Turning Point strikers bring protest to Manchester


Workers Betrayed

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Members of UNISON West Midlands Community Branch are leading the fight against attempts by the charity Turning Point to drastically cut their terms and conditions of employment. UNISON is disgusted over the notice sent by Turning Point to its 2,600 staff threatening dismissal if they refuse to sign new contracts that slash terms and conditions. Turning Point are not listening to their staff, and we need to heat-up the campaign to get them to take notice.

Therefore UNISON members in Turning Point in the West Midlands have been on strike today – Friday, 26 April, 2013. The striking members brought their protest to the organisation’s offices in Central Manchester, and other members from Greater London Region will be outside Turning Point’s London office (see slideshow above).

Many members have told us that they feel particularly betrayed because their hard earned TUPE protections are being swept away, including redundancy rights. The organisation has to date denied UNISON recognition although it transferred over by law under TUPE.

If the cuts to pay and other terms and conditions are allowed to go ahead then Turning Point workers will be put on the poverty line. Some are facing reductions in pay of up to £10,000 per year. All staff will be hit by the changes depending on their individual contract terms.

UNISON says it is fraudulent for this organisation to bid for contracts, take public money and then slash workers’ pay. This is of particular concern, as due to the Government’s austerity measures, Turning Point is still targeting new contracts from NHS and Council services.

Ben Jackson, Co-Branch Secretary

Manchester Community & Mental Health Branch sent the following message of support:

“Please accept this email as a strong message of support and solidarity with all of the Turning Pont UNISON Staff who have made a brave stand to defend their terms and conditions against a viscous employer. This kind of undermining of hard won conditions of service must be fought and Tuning Point must come to the table and recognise they cannot rip off their lowly paid workers. Turning Point has massive reserves and the bosses award themselves massive bonuses . . . this will simply not be tolerated!

We must stand together and draw a line in the sand for these rouge bosses and I can assure you of the support of this Branch throughout your struggle and fight back!
As discussed earlier our Branch has many Turning Point members (in Manchester) and we will stand with you whenever you need support.

Please send me a contact address for the striking members strike fund so our Branch can make a donation towards your struggle.

I again send to you Solidarity and admiration from all of our 1200 members.

Thank you to the members from our branch who joined their picket line today.”